Welcome to SharkSilver@ boats. We build our boats to meet our customer’s satisfaction and our projects are original and diverse. All our boats are made from marine aluminum, a widely used material distinguished for its performance and one of the preferred materials in anything related to the mechanical boatbuilding industry. Since the 19th century, marine aluminum is the second most used metal used in the industry after steel.

Communication with our customers from the first moment establishes and defines the class and functional requirements of the boat. Our team of engineers and designers studies and analyzes each project so your boat will be unique and fully personalized, custom built according to the needs and usage of each customer. A close working relationship with the customer from the beginning ensures their order proceeds with a clear understanding of their specifications.  Constant communication is kept between all departments to ensure adherence to quality and production schedules.

Thanks to the long professional history of our team and the latest state of the art technology equipment used in our building process, we can offer the highest quality, workmanship and finishes found anywhere on the market, all together with the maximum guarantee. We follow the strictest quality controls in our job (homologation: ASME section IX) from the moment each boat is designed to the moment it is launched.

We are fully committed to innovation and the environment. We work to find new designs that can offer the highest performance with the lowest fuel consumption.

Our custom boatbuilding facilities are laid out to afford smooth through-put flow of materials and components from delivery, inspection, stocking, preparation to incorporation into the vessels production process. Quality and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities

Our SharkSilver@ search and rescue boats are especially designed for dive operators and dive enthusiasts alike. From our custom dive tank holders, water entry platforms, ample deck space and much, much more. We can customize your boat to suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for a rescue boat, or looking to fulfill your dream of owning your own personal fishing, or recreational boat, our SharkSilver@ boats is your answer. We custom build all our boats to suit your needs and desires.


SharkSilver´s @ ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction helps us provide quality custom boats that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our main goal is to be able to offer the customer what they desire and fulfill their needs.

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One of the preferred materials in everything related to the boatbuilding industry and noted for its performance.



We study each project so your boat can be unique and personal. We custom build it according to customer’s needs and use.




We work to find new designs that can offer the maximum performance with the lowest fuel consumption.